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We live in the Information Age where countless data is created, transmitted, and stored. We live in the Electronics Age where numerous electric-powered machines aid in business and household tasks, as well as entertain and inform us. The reality of living in this time of technological innovation is that the power to run these machines can't keep up (at least not yet). In many locations around the world, electricity generation, transmission and distribution have not evolved at the same pace as computer and communications equipment. What was built years ago for powering factories producing manufactured goods is struggling to adapt to provide continuous, sufficient-grade power to sensitive electronics processing valuable information.

SURYAN TECHNOLOGIES will evaluate your power backup status and recommend a solution that is right for you.  If you already have battery backup systems installed now the time to have them checked to ensure the batteries are ok and the system is functioning properly.  In order to keep your APC systems running at maximum efficiency, it is imperative that Preventive Maintenance be performed on a regular basis.  Monterey Computer Corporation recommends American Power Conversion (APC) units for battery backup.  APC is the leading manufacturer of battery backup and power management systems and we highly recommend every company to have their computers and computer systems protected by some type of APC equipment.

SURYAN carries the APC line of Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) for your system protection and business continuity. APC has established a reputation over the years for solid products that virtually pay for themselves upon installation. Who has time to spend worrying about system downtime? APC makes it easy for you to focus on business growth instead of business downtime.

SURYAN specializes in portable, backup and solar power solutions for home, business and leisure that are reliable, safe and simple to use. Whether you need to keep your sump pump running during a blackout, your laptop powered while traveling, or to find a portable power source for an industrial application, we will help you find the right solution.

Businesses spend a lot of money on computers, software and peripheral equipment. Yet the last thing to be considered – if at all – is the need to protect their investment of time and money with proper surge protection and power backup equipment. SURYAN TECHNOLOGIES offers a full range of power backup solutions ranging from small workstation protection to server protection to server farm or data center protection. Power backups can be customized to keep the servers up and running during short outages and safely shut down during long periods of power loss, or it can be strengthened to keep servers running even during long power outages.
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