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Bandwidth – An Introduction

Active provides intelligent high-end networking solutions. A high end networking solution helps connect clients and remote locations through a secured network that caters to the data transfer requirements of business and allows clients to work from anywhere.

One of the most universal trends in networking today is a growing demand for bandwidth. Increased dependency on the Internet as an informational and business tool, combined with the availability of new, content-rich applications, is forcing enterprises to find ways to increase the capacity of their networks as demand from business continues to grows..

Active, partnered with Sify Technologies, is committed to helping customers expand their networks to handle the ever-increasing loads of data, video, and voice traffic.

Managed VOIP

A managed Voice over IP (VoIP) solution enables enterprise IT managers to reap all the benefits of VoIP without getting involved in complex, costly technology rollouts and risks.


• Reduce capital outlay
• Avoid technology obsolescence
• Minimize staffing costs
• Extend the same services enterprise-wide
• Achieve carrier-class quality & security

Given the challenges of managing the many aspects of today’s rapidly changing businesses, TACKER’S managed VoIP solution addresses many of the concerns companies are tackling in a continually evolving telecom world.

Internet Leased Lines

An enterprise conduct business on the Internet, your company needs access that is dependable and fast. Time is money, and downtime or slow transfers can cost many times more than what you actually pay for your connections. A leased line addresses these issues.

Leased lines are dedicated circuits provided by Basic Service Providers (BSPs), which provide permanent connectivity to the Internet. Leased lines provide the last mile access from the user premises to the ISP. They provide permanent connection as compared to the temporary connectivity through dialup access. The quality of the connection is far superior to what is normally available through dialup, thanks to digital signaling, less noise, fewer exchanges etc.Leased lines provides a scalable access method, important particularly for organizations with large user groups, including corporate, banks and financial institutions, educational and R&D organizations, government, military etc. Starting typically with 64 Kbps, it is possible to deploy a scalable architecture, with multiples of E1 (2 MBPS) pipes, providing the necessary bandwidth. In fact, leased access becomes a must for large organizations in most situations.
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